There is only one brand of breakfast cereal we know of that's 100% non-GMO and 100% organic across their entire product line. That company is Nature's Path:

If you buy breakfast cereal, and you don't want to eat Monsanto's GM corn, always choose cereals from Nature's Path. 

Many "natural" brands that appear to be healthful and natural are actually not organic or GMO-free. For example, "Barbara's Bakery" cereals are not organic. Although they are positioned in store shelves alongside other organic cereals, they are actually made with conventional crops grown with pesticides which may include Monsanto's Roundup.

You may also notice that most of the cereals most likely to contain GM corn are children's cereals. It is the children in America who are being fed the most GMOs. This represents a highly unethical food experiment being conducted on an entire generation, and the long-term effects of human consumption of GMOs are simply not known.

What we do know is that rats fed this very same Monsanto GM corn developed shockingly large cancer tumors.

We have been in agriculture production all our lives. We have farmed crops and raised meat both conventionally and organic. We choose to eat natural meat without growth hormones and other chemicals, along with mostly organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Make no mistake, many growers are now using less toxic chemicals in their practices and that is an improvement for us all. We understand production, production costs and surviving as a grower. We hope that one day the trend will be for more natural, non toxic methods of production. Until then, you can watch what you eat and you certainly can keep toxins, poisons and chemicals out of your home and off your body.
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07/16/2014 8:37am

Am searching for as much food, and drink products with no GMO'S, MSG'S, and etc. Want healthy natural products.


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